"The Bicycle is a simple solution to some of the

world's most complicated problems" (Anon)

Have you got a £50 Fix Your Bike Voucher?  We are taking part in this to help get bikes back into service (and help you get back on your bike).  We can handle most basic repairs (details on our Projects page).  For ease of transport, we will concentrate on the OX5 area.  Please contact us if your bike needs a service or a bit of TLC.  A proportion of the income from this will be donated to Wheels for All - Oxford which provides cycling facilities for adults with a variety of needs.  You can apply for a Voucher here. If you've not yet managed to get a voucher but still want to get your bike roadworthy, please contact us.  Many bikes just need a good service and few new parts (which keeps the cost down).

BicycleLife supports various campaigning organisations in Oxfordshire, in particular Cyclox - the voice of cycling in Oxford and Oxfordshire Liveable Streets, as well as other organisations seeking to address climate change.

BicycLelife also actively supports inclusive cycling, including organisations such as Wheels for All - Oxford, Cycling Projects and Wheels for Wellbeing

BicycleLife is a member of British Cycling and a registered Ride Leader.

BicycleLife supports the outcomes and recommendations of the research project Cycle Boom and actively promotes the use of electric assist bicycles for urban transport (and for enabling many more people to use a bicycle for many more journeys).  E-bikes are available for loan via Wheels for All-Oxford.

BicycleLife is also helping repair bikes as part of a Bikes For Keyworkers project oganised by Active Oxfordshire and Cyclox.   BicycleLife is able to provide mobile bike repair services and carry out a range of basic repairs to ensure bikes are roadworthy.  ActSmart directory

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